Voyage Candle - Sandalwood Ylang-Ylang Spice Scented Candle, 60 Hour Burn Coconut Wax 9 oz

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Ylang-ylang creates sweet, floral nuances combined with the creamy, woodiness of sandalwood and mysterious spice. Voyage blends sandalwood, spice, and ylang-ylang for an intricate, exotic scent that fills your space with the excitement from unexpected travel.

Fragrance Family: Warm

Experience: Our candles burn for 60 hours.
Size: 9 oz.
High-gloss white, reusable vessel, 3.5” high, 3 1/8" circumference.

About our Candles: Our candles are clean burning, handpoured with an all-natural soy and coconut wax blend, without dyes. We chose coconut soy wax for our candles because it is considered one of the healthier candle waxes, and allows for a smokeless and soot-free candle burn. All waxes are made in the U.S. with 100% cotton wicks.