Black Ski Sweater

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The Black Ski Wool Dog Sweater is crafted from 100% sheep wool. It is knit by Artisan Knitters in the Northern Highlands of South America and are made following Fair Trade Guideline. Chilly Dog Wool and Alpaca dog sweaters are the warmest because the natural fibers have greater bulk therefor preventing any air pockets. Wool is a renewable resource and is water repellent. The Black Ski Wool Dog Sweater will comfort your dog on cold winter day. This cool sweater looks fantastic on every color dog! All Chilly Dog sweaters are available in 8 sizes to fit teacups to Great Danes! Chilly Dog sweaters fit barrel chested dogs for example, Pitt Bulls, Boxers and Pugs beautifully because of the give in the knit. The quality of Chilly Dog sweaters is superior to any other dog sweater, you will see the moment you hold it in your hand. Treat your dog to the best! For best sizing, check out our size chart!


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