Scalloped Shell on Paperclip 24kt Goldplated Chain Necklace

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16" + 3" extender chain

24kt handcasted goldplated 

Handmade in USA.

Sizes of Susan Shaw's jewelry:

Short necklaces featured are generally 16"

Each include a 3" extender chain

Longer chains are generally 30".

Bracelets are generally 7.5" to 8" depending on style.

Cleaning of jewelry that is gold or silver plated:

In order to preserve the original state of the jewelry, please get dressed and apply any sprays  perfume, hairspray, ect before putting on any jewelry. To clean your jewelry, use a dry microfiber cloth. This applies to all gold and silver plated jewelry regardless of manufacturer or method.

Definition of handcasted gold or silver:

24Kt handcast gold plated or handcast sterling silver plated. Three coats of 24kt gold or sterling silver

Hand casting produces the highest quality plating possible

Superior to standard machine plating. 

All items are plated over a lead-free, nickel-free base metal.

Materials used by Susan Shaw:

  • ZERO  plastic pieces used.
  • genuine freshwater pearls 
  • semi-precious stones
  • genuine turquoise,
  • quartz
  • coralonyx
  • agate
  • Cotton pearls

Susan Shaw's "Cotton Pearl Collection":

A cotton pearl contains a tightly wound inner-layer of cotton with a paper-maché-like outer layer.

Benefit: light weight with bigger pearl. (not bulky)