Tortoise Filigree Cut Out Earrings

Tortoise Filigree Cut Out Earrings

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1.675" w x 2.75" l.

Tortoise Filigree Cut Out Earrings


What is handcast gold?

All Susan Shaw's jewelry is either 24Kt handcast gold plated or handcast sterling silver plated. Handcasting is a plating method done by hand. This method produces the most consistent and highest quality plating possible and is far superior to standard machine plating. Susan Shaw's pieces are handcast with three coats of 24Kt gold or sterling silver. All items are plated over a lead-free, nickel-free base metal.

Is your pearl jewelry real?

None of Susan Shaw's jewelry is made using plastic pieces. All items are comprised of genuine freshwater pearls or semi-precious stones, including genuine turquoise, quartz, coral, onyx, and agate. Susan Shaw's cotton pearl collection is unique and unlike genuine pearls. A cotton pearl contains a tightly wound inner-layer of cotton with a paper-maché-like outer layer. They are extremely light weight, giving you the benefit of bigger pearls without the bulky weight.

How long are the necklaces and bracelets?

Short necklaces featured are generally 16" and each include a 3" extender chain, and comfortably worn between 16-19".  Longer chains are generally 30".

Bracelets are generally 7.5" to 8" but depend on the design and materials used. All product pages should include a piece's length and Susan Shaw's team is working on model images for all designs for size reference.

How do I clean my Susan Shaw jewelry?

As is the case with all jewelry regardless of manufacturer or method of plating, alcohol based sprays (such as perfume and hairspray), if sprayed directly on to the pieces, may over time eat away at the silver or gold plate.  In order to preserve the original state of the jewelry, Susan Shaw suggests you simply apply your sprays before putting on any jewelry. To clean your jewelry, use a dry microfiber cloth.